oh yeah!! | via Tumblr en We Heart It -

oh yeah!! | via Tumblr en We Heart It -




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I couldn’t have clicked the motherfucking follow button faster after I saw the pinata cookies with mini m&m’s inside holy shit let me tell you

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"I taught myself how to play the guitar, I taught myself how to play the drums, and I kind of fake doing both of them. But drumming comes more natural to me, and it just feels better."

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We were walking down the street after filming b-roll all day for a music video shoot and heard that the Foo Fighters were in town recording. So we figured they may pull a stunt or be hanging around since it was Saturday night and headed towards Bourbon Street.

We got there just as a crowd was forming in front of Preservation Hall on St. Peter Street. We were already fairly close to the building just off the curb but I saw an opening and snuck up to the front. The wide window shuttered doors flew open to the street crowd and literally one person and a gated bar separated us from David Grohl! 
Arcade Fire and some brilliant local jazz musicians jammed out with the band. We also spotted Anderson Cooper and I think Patrick Carney (Black Keys Drummer) enter the building!

There were tons of cameras filming for their upcoming HBO series, so I may be seen a couple times in crowd shots. I also happened to have my camera on me, so I shot what I could in the mass of drunkards before my battery died. I even did a lens change in my bag in the middle of a mosh pit! 
It was definitely a once in a lifetime, amazingly spontaneous evening! Here’s a couple photos I managed to shoot. Video to come once I get around to editing it!

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